• GT SONIC(stock code:832018) is a platform corporation full of dreams and ideals ,meanwhile full of social responsibilities . We are guided and inspired by our vision.

    We ensure the stable and sustainable business development by:

    Our mission

    ●Popularizing and promoting ultrasonic products,improving the quality of modern life for people

    ●Integrated use ultrasonic technology,promoting energy-saving and environmental protection career

    Our vision

    ●To be the world-class ultrasonic products manufacturer,technology and solution suppliers,brand operators and industry leaders in the ultrasonic field.

    We ensure the professional solution and excellent service by:

    ●Honesty, with legitimate and creditable management,to be your reliable partner.

    ●Pragmatic, high quality products,professional solution,excellent service,effective to help you solve your problems.

    ●Innovation, product upgrading fast,leading the industry trend.

    ●Win-Win, work with stable and rapid development team,we always enjoy a glorious future together with you.

    Let's make great endeavor for a better life of human beings.