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  • You might be wondering why ultrasonic cleaning is one of the best cleaning methods. It has many benefits, especially compared to cleaning by hand. Most notably, ultrasonic cleaning is thorough, fast, efficient and last but not least, anyone can do it. Let’s look at the benefits in more detail.· Clean a wide range of contaminants. There are few limits to the contaminants an ultrasonic cleaner can clean and remove. Some examples of contaminants are grease, oil, dirt, dust, rust, pigment, lime scale, flux, burned on carbon, fingerprint oils and polishing compounds.· Thorough cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning removes down to the smallest dirt and particulates. After a full cleaning cycle with the right cleaning liquid, objects can come out looking like new.· ...
  • COVID-19, the name of the new coronavirus, was thought to have passed from animals to humans. The coronavirus is horrible, but our ultrasonic still can break the germ call and kill the virus. Following are some tips to fight to coronavirus: Wash your hands frequentlyRegularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water.Why? Washing your hands with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand sterilizer kills viruses that may be on your hands.Take off and clean your germ mask once back home.Using ultrasonic cleaner to clean, it is a good choice. Why? The ultrasonic will destroy the cell wall of germs and kill the germs, the ultrasonic cleaner is a good germ killer. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouthWhy? Ha...
  • Rechargeable design, Wireless use.It will start a new ultrasonic cleaning era.The advantages of GT-X5:46kHz ultrasonic frequency, deeply cleaning everywhere of the items;Shaking and remove all dirt, dust, oil, etc;Features: 1. 2500mA battery capacity, 2.5hours to charge fully, and can use 20 times. 2. Smooth touch cover.3. 12V 2A voltage, safety use.4. One touch button easy operation, 3 mins auto shut off.5. Super low noise design, noise level less than 60dB.6. Big volume, good for the biggest eyeglasses and sunglasses. 7. Lightweight design, easy to carry, and good for travel.   ModelGT-X5Tank MaterialSUS304Tank Size178*62*46mmOverall Size190*105*64mmUltrasonic Frequency46kHzCapacity430mlTime Setting3-min auto shut offPower Supply(12V,2A) ...
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